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BLG 609E - Advanced Topics in Comp. Eng.: Human Computer Interfaces

Course Objectives

1. To provide the future user interface designer with concepts and strategies for making correct design decisions about human-computer interaction.
2. To expose the future user interface designer to tools, techniques, and ideas for interface design.
3. To introduce the student to the literature of human-computer interaction.
4. To stress the importance of good user interface design.

Course Description

This course will teach about the importance of the human-computer interface in the design and development of things used by people. It will touch on many details about the perceptual, cognitive, and social characteristics of people. We will inspect the capabilities and limits of computers and other related systems, and discuss how that affects design/implementation decisions. We will also cover methods of design, and ways to evaluate and improve a design.

Course Coordinator
Gökhan İnce
Course Language
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