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UUM 511 - Viscous Flow

Course Objectives

1- To give a deep understanding of the governing equations of viscous flows and behavior of viscous fluid
2- To introduce exact solutions of Navier-Stokes equations, notion of similarity methods, low and high Reynolds number flows and to familiarize analytical methods used for different problems.
3- To gain ability of implement these methods to various flow types

Course Description

Examples of viscous flows, boundary conditions, fundamental equations of compressible viscous flows, Navier-Stokes equations, energy equation, vorticity and stream function formulations, noninertial coordinate systems, control volume formulations, solution of Newtonian fluid problems,
Couette flow, Poisseuille flow, unsteady pipe flows, unsteady flows with moving boundaries, asymptotic suction flows, similarity solutions, creeping flow, laminar boundary layers and equations, similarity solutions of boundary layer equations, shear flows, approximate integral methods, thermal boundary layers.

Course Coordinator
Duygu Erdem
Course Language
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