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ISL 506 - Mathematical Programming

Course Objectives

1 To teach the advance techniques and the application of these techniques in the context mathematical programming
2 To provide a scientific and managerial perspective for model building, solving, and analyzing the real life problems in both manufacturing and service sector.

Course Description

This course provides mathematical programming exercise in which students make critical management engineering decisions. The content consists of mathematical programming techniques for modeling, optimizing, and analyzing decision making problems; goal programming-model building, graphical solution, analytic hierarchy process- model building and solution process, data envelopment analysis –input and output oriented model building and solution process, non linear programming-definitions, graphical solutions, classical optimization theory, non- linear algorithms. The course provides opportunities to integrate course subjects with application of these techniques in production and service systems and computer solution of the problems.

Course Coordinator
Ferhan Çebi
Course Language
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