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Course Information

Course Name
Turkish İleri Simülasyon
English Advanced Simulation
Course Code
END 613 Credit Lecture
Semester -
3 3 - -
Course Language Turkish
Course Coordinator Cafer Erhan Bozdağ
Course Objectives 1. To teach modeling and researching of complex systems via simulation models
2. To teach advanced simulation techniques
3. To introduce agent based simulation models
4. To give information about advanced topics: Variance reduction techniques, output analysis, optimization.
Course Description Introduction to simulation and classification of simulation models, stochastic, discrete simulation, Monte Carlo simulation and its applications, variance reduction techniques, common and antithetic random numbers, control variate, indirect measure, importance sampling. Output analysis of simulation models, terminating models, non-terminating models, comparison of systems, response surface method, optimization. System dynamics, agent-based simulation, interaction of agent and environment, state-chart, hybrid simulation models.
Course Outcomes Ph.D. students who successfully pass this course gain knowledge, skills and proficiency in the following subjects:

1. Simulation models of complex systems
2. Agent based simulation models
3. Hybrid simulation models
4. Variance reduction techniques in simulation models
5. Advanced techniques in output analysis of simulation models
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