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DEP 510E - Fundamen.of Struc.Seis.Analy.

Course Objectives

1. To understand the seismic inputs and their parameters for structures.
2. To understand nonlinear vibrations concept and be able to conduct nonlinear analysis of RC frames under cyclic load reversals.
3. Determining the response of an inelastic system according to the current codes.

Course Description

Source-to-Site Effects, directional effects, Dispersion and Incoherence. Seismic Inputs for Structures and Prediction of Seismic Input Parameters, Coherence Function. Harmonic Analysis, Microzonation. Computation of Structural Internal Forces, State-Space Equation. Frequency domain spectral analysis, single input single output system. Single-Point Excitation, Multi-Support Excitations. Nonlinear Analysis Of Reinforced Concrete Frames Under Cyclic Load Reversals. Cascaded Analysis of secondary systems (piping systems, mechanical fittings, small towers ) using response spectrum method. Inelastic seismic response, nonlinear vibrations, pushover concept. Concepts of inelastic response spectrum. Comparison of some code provisions prescribed by different earthquake codes, IBC, EC8, IS, TDY etc, application of these codes to an inelastic system. Modal Analysis Using the Substructure Technique, Equivalent Spring–Dashpot Analysis. Seismic control of structures, tuned mass damper and State-Space Analysis.

Course Coordinator
Reşat Atalay Oyguç
Course Language
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