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YAP 607E - Fracture Mechanics of Engineering Materials

Course Objectives

To provide students with the fundamental knowledge of
- Principles of fracture mechanics
- Mechanisms of fracture and crack growth in engineering materials
- Test methods for determination of fracture properties of materials
- Applications of fracture mechanics to engineering materials and structures

Course Description

This course deals with introductory and intermediate level concepts of fracture mechanics applied to engineering materials. Covered topics include theoretical strength calculations, stress concentrations, Griffith criterion; Irwin’s modification to the Griffith theory, mechanism of fracture and crack growth, elastic crack tip stress field, crack tip plastic zone, energy principle, energy release rate criterion for crack growth, stress field equations for modes I, II, and III, superposition of stress intensity factors, mixed mode crack initiation theories, numerical, analytical and experimental methods for the determination of stress intensity factors, elastic-plastic fracture mechanics, experimental techniques, fatigue crack propagation, applications to engineering materials and structures.

Course Coordinator
Oğuz Güneş
Course Language
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