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ZMG 507E - Enginering Properties of Sol.

Course Objectives

1. Fundamental principles of soil mechanics and its engineering uses, engineering properties of soils and description of the factors that affect these properties,
2. Determination of engineering or environmental problems which involves soil, developing skills in evaluation of necessary parameters and the limits of these parameters for soil related problems.

Course Description

Introduction; Soil Composition & Texture; Soil Classification & Index Properties;Soil Sampling & Disturbance; Compaction & Factors Controlling Compaction; Flow of Water in Soils, Permeability; Consolidation; Theory of Consolidation;Consolidation & Settlement; Stress-Strain Properties of Soils; Stress-Strain Behavior of Soils; Shear Strength Properties of Soils; Shear Strength of Soils; Evaluation of Site Conditions.

Course Coordinator
Aykut Şenol
Course Language
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