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JFM 515E - General.Inver.Theory in Geophy

Course Objectives

Reasonable interpretation of geophysical data can be accomplished with reasonable earth model. The earth model produced from the geophysical measurements is called inverse model that has been commonly used in all disciplins in geophysics. The primary purpose is to have students to gain ability for constructing an inverse model, and obtain an estimate of the model parameters that are optimum and feasible. This course will have the graduate and doctorate students to form a advanced background for inverse techniques

Course Description

Modeling problems in geophysics, determining the model parameters, difficulties for the parameter estimations, forward and invers models. Definition of the inverse model, understanding the noise and its probability distributions in the geophysical measurements, linear invers solution, generalized inverse solutions for liear problems, maximum likelihood solution, uniqueness and non-uniqueness of the inverse solution, non-linear inverse model solutions, and simple inverse models.

Course Coordinator
Ayşe Kaşlılar Şişman
Course Language
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