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TEK 602E - Advanced Fiber Form.and Prod.

Course Objectives

1. To examine the evolution, production and use of manufactured fibers.
2. To teach the structure and morphology of manufactured fibers and the development of these structures during different production methods.
3. To teach the post-processes applied to manufactured fibers.
4. To give information about the testing of polymers and manufactured fibers.

Course Description

Structural principles of polymeric fibers. Basic principles of fluid flow during spinning. Melt-spinning, solution-spinning. Nanofiber production. Drawing process and its influence on fiber structure and properties. Heat-setting of thermoplastic fibers. Characterization of polymers and fibers. Testing of fibers. Production of poly(ethylene terephthalate), nylon 6 and 66, acrylic, polypropylene and rayon fibers. Manufactured fibers for high performance, industrial and non-conventional applications.

Course Coordinator
Elif Özden Yenigün
Course Language
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