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SBP 624E - Information and Communication Technologies in Urban Planning

Course Objectives

It is aimed to develop the use and interpretation skills on technology and computers in the varying processes of urban planning applications such as data collection, assessment and participation. Additionally, it is targeted:
1. to develop knowledge and understanding skills based on advances in information and communication technologies,
2. to examine the utilization of information and communication technologies on urban planning in accordance with practical, professional and cognitive skills,
3. to discuss the practical issues in technologies and urban planning through theoretical readings.

Course Description

Introduction to information and communication technologies and main definitions and terms: information society, contributions on democratisation, transnational media, e-commerce, mobile communication, web and mobile applications, multimedia design, information law and policy, knowledge based economies, research and innovation, IT based industries. Historical evolution of information and communication technologies in the World and Turkey. Information - communication technologies with their contemporary practices, used in varying stages in urban planning. Community based information and communication technologies: change in perception of place and public space, internet, social network and social media. Governance based technologies: e-government, communication and participation tools. Planning based technologies: computer based analysing, modelling and visualization of urban structure, information systems in urban planning. Readings on information and communication theory: informational city, communicative action and planning process.

Course Coordinator
Turgay Kerem Koramaz
Course Language
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