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FIZ 639E - Experimental Particle Physics

Course Objectives

I. Classify the fundamental particles by their possible interactions.
II Explain how particles can be detected and their properties determined by exploiting
their interactions with matter.
III. Understand the detection of weak currents and CP violation
IV. Learn the experimental aspects of QCD, deep Inelastic Scattering and Parton model
V. Understand the experimental aspects and testing of the Standard Model and the models beyond

Course Description

This course is devoted to the experimental foundations of particle physics. After a review of the
particle physics concepts, there will be a short introduction to the accelerators and detectors.
Detection of various particles, weak currents, CP violation, experimental aspects of QCD, deep
Inelastic scattering, quark-parton model, testing of electro-weak unification, flavor

Course Coordinator
Kerem Cankoçak
Course Language
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