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EUT 614E - Design History & Criticism

Course Objectives

1. Understanding the role of design and designed objects within social and cultural history,
2. Explore different aspects and methodology of writing about design and its history,
3. to develop specialist knowledge of design historiography.

Course Description

Historiography: Subject matter of Design History, the relationship with Art
History, Industrial Design History, the objects and subjects of Design History,
Material Culture Studies and Design History, Design History and gender,
relevant periodization of time and chronology, synchronic and diachronic time
conception, reception theory and connoisseurship, History of Technology, SCOT
(Social Construction of Technology), STS (Science and Technology Studies),
introduction to actor-network theory, script analysis, domestication, modern,
modernity, Modernism, -isms as discourses, discussion and evaluation on the
state of Design History.

Course Coordinator
Gülname Turan
Course Language
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