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MBG 512E - Microbial Metabolism

Course Objectives

1. To teach the basic principles of microbial metabolism
2. To make students aware of the fact that the metabolism has an extremely complex and tightly regulated structure at genetic, biochemical and environmental levels, even in the case of the simple microorganisms.
3. To inform students on current studies such as improvement of product yields of microbial biotechnological processes, production of new products by means of known genetic and biochemical improvement of metabolism via metabolic engineering and to promote research on that.

Course Description

This course covers the major metabolic processes of microorganisms, their control and improvement of microbial metabolic processes for biotechnological production by using current methods such as metabolic engineering. Major metabolic reactions of microorganisms, microbial energy metabolism, control of microbial metabolism, nitrogen metabolism, degradation of organic compounds, synthesis of chemical constituents and products, and metabolic engineering topics are covered in detail throughout this course.

Course Coordinator
Zeynep Petek Çakar
Course Language
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