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JEO 628E - Stable Isotope Geochemistry

Course Objectives

The objectives of this class are - to familiarize students with recent principles and research in isotope geochemistry - to provide a knowledge base for the student to conduct their own research using stable isotopes. These objectives will be met by thorough reading of the textbooks and selected research articles as well as completion of assigned homework and term project.

Course Description

Stable Isotope Theory: Equilibrium Fractionations, Kinetic Fractionations and the Hydrologic System, H, O isotopes, H and O isotopic composition of natural solutions, S isotopes - Sample preparation methods, S isotope fractionation, Geothermometer usage of S isotopes, C isotopes- Sample preparation methods C isotope fractionation. Hydrothermal Activity, Metamorphism and Ore Deposits, Stable Isotopes in Paleontology and Archaeology, Stable Isotopes in Paleoclimatology, The Carbon Cycle, Isotopes, and Climate, Case studies on stable isotopes.

Course Coordinator
Emin Çiftçi
Course Language
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