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TEL 611 - Radiowave Propagation over Ground

Course Objectives

I. To understand the basics of radiowave propagation over ground
II. To analyze and model the effect of atmospheric layers to radiowave propagation
III. To analyze and model the effect of ground to radiowave propagation
IV. To model the radiowave propagation over ground via analytical and numerical methods

Course Description

Basics of radiowave propagation over ground. Introduction to radio spectrum. Introduction to the mathematical principles of radiowave propagation over ground between ELF-VHF band. Basic electromagnetic principles. Ground wave propagation theory of homogeneous/inhomogeneous, flat/spherical earth. The modelling of athmospheric effects to groundwave propagation. A general outlay of communication systems and radio services between ELF-VHF band.

Course Coordinator
Funda Akleman Yapar
Course Language
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