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MBG 532 - Bioinformatics

Course Objectives

1- Learning major bioinformatics and computational biology terminology and resources
2- Getting familiar with problems in bioinformatics and computational biology
3- Learnıng key and state of the art methods, tools and algorithms used in the field
4- Improving the ability of critical thinking, developing new approaches and conducting research in the field bioinformatics.

Course Description

Introduction to bioinformatics. Learning background basics of molecular biology that is necessary to understand and develop bioinformatics solutions. Introduction to major database and web services in the field bioinformatics. Biological sequence analysis. Protein function and structure. Processing, clustering and classification of gene expressions (transcriptom analysis). Predicting and interpreting functional, physical and genetic interaction networks. Genetic variations and phenotype/disease associations.

Course Coordinator
Ömer Sinan Saraç
Course Language
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