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ELK 607E - Power System Harmonics

Course Objectives

1- To analyze power system behavior for the signals including harmonic components,
2- To understand the harmonic sources, harmonic propagation and harmonic effects upon system components,
3- To develop several corrective and preventive solutions in order to mitigate the power system harmonic effects.
4- To determine power system harmonic levels of the bus voltages and the branch currents and to mitigate the effects of harmonics by means of harmonic power flows in a system.

Course Description

Power quality and harmonics, harmonic analysis (Fourier Transformations), fundamentals of harmonics, harmonics in power systems, effects of harmonic distortion on power systems, mitigation of power system harmonics, standards for the limitation and control of power system harmonics, modeling of power system components for harmonic analysis, power system harmonic studies (Harmonik power flow)

Course Coordinator
Aydoğan Özdemir
Aydoğan Özdemir
Course Language
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