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MBM 611E - Synthetic Membranes

Course Objectives

1. To provide a basic understanding of key concepts in membrane technologies.
2. To demonstrate the role of materials science and engineering applied to membrane technologies.
3. To provide adequate theoretical and practical knowledge to develop, characterize and modify membrane materials for a specific application.
4. To promote critical thinking about some important, current technological materials issues in membrane science and technology.

Course Description

The main objective of this course is to give a broad overview of the many aspects of membrane materials science and engineering. Coverage includes fundamentals of transport in porous and non-porous membrane materials, basics of the most important membrane processes and their applications, membrane materials, membrane preparation and modification, membrane characterization methods, key areas of nanotechnology in development of high performance membranes. A particular emphasis will be on membrane materials for energy and water applications.

Course Coordinator
Şerife Birgül Ersolmaz
Course Language
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