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GID 607E - Postharvest Phy of Fruit&Veget

Course Objectives

1. To teach postharvest biochemical and physiological changes in fresh fruits andvegetables in great detail so that students can use the knowledgeacquired from thecourse in their research and also in practical applications at their work after graduation.
2. To teach factors affecting these changes and technologies applied to fresh fruits andvegetables for maintenance of quality, prevention of postharvest losses and value addedproducts.
3. To develop ability for students to develop ability to do in-depth literature search, writea review paper and do a short presentation.

Course Description

Fresh fruits and vegetables have living tissues in which complex biochemical and physiological reactions take place. These reactions determine the storage life and quality of harvested fruits and vegetables. This course teaches the postharvest changes in fresh fruits and vegetables, factors affecting them, and technologies applied to control them for extension of storage life and retention of premium quality.

Course Coordinator
Gürbüz Güneş
Gürbüz Güneş
Course Language
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