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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Week 1: Introduction to Research Methods (Ch1 and 2)
Week 2: Data, Information and Knowledge (Review and article)
Week 3: Getting Ideas for Research (Develop a research question / Finding a research question) (Ch 3)
Conduct a literature review,
Prepare a research proposal
Week 4: Research Paradigms and impact on design/analysis.
Week 5: Choosing a Research design / evaluation. (Ch 4)
Making Systematic Observation(Ch 5)
Week 6: Choosing and Using Research Subjects (Ch 6)
Presentations on reviewed articles
Week 7, 8: Data Collection Mechanisms
Using Nonexperimental Ressearch (Ch 8)
Using Survey Research ( Ch 9)
Using Between Subjects abd Within Subjects Experimental Designs (Ch 10)
Using Specialized Research Design (Ch 11)
Using Single Subject Design (Ch 12)
Week 9: Midterm
Week 10: Data Analysis: Qualitative
Case Study
Action Research
Week 11: Data Analysis: Quantitative
Descibing Data (Ch 13)
Using Inferential Statistics (Ch 14)
Using Multivariate Design and Analysis (Ch 15)
Week 12: Dissemination methods/ Present research findings (Ch 16)
Week 13: Research Ethics
Week 14: Final Paper
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