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MTS 601E - Environment-Behavior Theories

Course Objectives

1- To research epistemological bases of environment-behavior theory and discussing the relations with space in architecture
2- To discuss the intersection between the human and environment in all spaces
3- Researching and discussing the relationship between theories of environment-behavior, people and space through the traces in built environment

Course Description

Human behavior in spaces and the multi-layered character of interation between people and space is the main issue in this course. The scope varies from individual to society, and the extent of environment-behavior interaction in all spaces are taken into account. The content has strong linkages with epistemological bases of environment-behavior theory that is examined trough the course. The research of traces in the environment through people, space and socio-cultural phenomena is another aim of this course.

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Emin Şalgamcıoğlu
Course Language
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