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KBM 507 - Coastal Zone Management

Course Objectives

• Definition of coastal natural system components
• Evaluation of coastal area management in sustainable ecology perspective.
• The role of coastal structures in coastal area management

Course Description

Description of coastal zones. Determination of the territorial and sea boundries, Description of inner and outer parameters. General aims and organization of coastal zone management, organisational need and continuity conditions. Sustainable development concepts. Calculation methods. Environmental effects of coastal structures. Methods for monitoring coastal zones. Data categorization. Discription of coastal zones natural equlibrium components. Coastal zones behaviour as a system. Aids effects and objections of NGOs. The effects of the globalization on the coastal zones. Relations and oppositions between basin management and coastal zone management. Basic principles of the Integrated coastal zone management.

Course Coordinator
Nilay Elginöz Kanat
Course Language
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