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HSK 602 - Hydraulics of Varied Flows

Course Objectives


Course Description

.Ossilatory Motion For Ideal and Real Fluid Cases. Integration of Equations With Finite Differences Methods. Surge Tanks. Regulation Equation. Unsteady Motion in Penstocks. Water Hammer. Solution of Equations, Method of Characteristics. Allievi Equations, Boundary Characteristics in Steady and Unsteady Cases. Pipes With Varying Characteristics, Unsteady Motions in Free Water Surface Flows. Linear Theory. Non Linear Theories. Aperiodical Motions in Channels. De Saint Venant Equations and Solution Methods. Impact of Bottom Slope and Friction. Wave Breaking. Water Hammer Phenomena. Suddenly Varying Motions in Channels. Positive and Negative Waves. Determination of Flood Wave Deformation on Rivers and in Lakes. Hydrological and Hydraulic Determination Methods.

Course Coordinator
İsmail Duranyıldız
Course Language
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