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KIM 624E - Medicinal Natural Products

Course Objectives

1. Informing about the chemistry and activities of the compounds comprising Natural Products which have important role in our lives (especially primary and secondary metabolytes of the plants)
2. Informing about biosynthesis, structure elucidation, chemical and main pharmacological properties of plants secondary metabolites mainly terpenoids and steroids, alkaloids, flavanoids and other phenolics which constitute the vast majority
3. Informing about the usage of secondary metabolites in pharmacy, food, dye and other chemical industries
4. Giving the general information about antibiotics, essential oils, natural and semi-synthetic insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, toxic agents and antidotes
5. Informing about the importance and analyses of all natural products and their semi-synthetic derivatives which are specific above

Course Description

In this course; Biosynthesis of secondary metabolytes of terrastrial and marine plants consisting of terpenoids, steroids and other phenolics; the techniques used in isolation and purification of the secondary metabolites-spectroscopic techniques (IR, UV, NMR, MS, X-ray) in their elucidation; natural toxic agents and antidots; peptides hormones, antibiotics and toxins; other natural agents, which are used in chemistry or related industrial fields such as pheromones, essential oils, insecticides, fungicides and their economic importance will be represented.

Course Coordinator
Nesrin Köken
Course Language
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