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GEM 518E - M.Diesel Engines Sim.& Control

Course Objectives

1. To introduce thermodynamic based diesel engine models.
2. To establish a sound understanding of the governing conservation laws related to models.
3. To provide a working knowledge on mathematical models for diesel engine components.
4. To provide design knowledge through complete diesel engine simulation codes at steady and transient

Course Description

Thermodynamic based diesel engine models: quasi-steady, filling and emptying, method of characteristics.
The development of a complete diesel engine simulation model: unsteady gas flow in intake and exhaust
manifolds, cylinder gas exchange, combustion, heat transfer, turbocharger, fuel pump, fuel injector,
governor subcomponent models. Turbocharger and engine dynamics models. Case studies employing the
computer simulation programmes.

Course Coordinator
Oğuz Salim Söğüt
Course Language
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