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CHZ 501E - Chemistry Of Flotation&Floccul

Course Objectives

. To provide both theoretical and applied knowledge on flotation and flocculation both of which are the most important mineral processing techniques for very finely liberated particles.
2. To explain the operating mechanisms at various interfaces in flotation in the light of surface tension, contact angle and zeta potential
3. To discuss the interpretations of particle-particle and particle-bubble interactions using DLVO theory.

Course Description

Electrical double layer models, role of surface tension and contact angle in reagent/mineral interactions, adsorption models, adsorption thermodynamics, interpretation of heat of adsorption of various minerals, origin of natural hydrophobicity and coal flotation, problems facing fine particle flotation; flotation hydrodynamics, fundamentals of coagulation, dispersion, flocculation and selective flocculation, polymeric flocculants, industrial applications of coagulation and flocculation, attractive and repulsive forces, DLVO theory, mechanisms of bonding in flocculation

Course Coordinator
Mehmet Sabri Çelik
Course Language
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