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DTM 512E - DTM512E Hydro.of Floating Prod.Systems

Course Objectives

Introducing the Floating Production Systems (FPS) and their hydrodynamic properties
Mathematical and physical modelling of FPS motion response and solving their hydrodynamic design problems under external forces.

Course Description

Description of Floating Production Systems (FPS): SPM (Single Point Mooring) Terminals, Semi-submersibles. Sea Waves, Current and Wind Characteristics: Wind Waves, Linear Wave Theory, Wave Energy Spectra, Statistical Analysis of Waves. Morison Equation and Potential Theory Based Analysis of FPSs: Time and Frequency Domain Simulation, Experimental Measurements, Cummins' Technique for Time Domain Simulation, Solution of the Motion Equations in Time and Frequency Domain. Statistical and Dynamical Analysis of Mooring Systems: Catenary Equations, Dynamic Analysis Methods: Lumped Mass Method, Finite Difference Methods, Finite Element Methods. Effect of Non-linearities on the Behaviour of FPSs: Non-linearities Due to Viscous Damping, Drag Forces and Mooring Forces, Non-linear Behaviour of FPSs.

Course Coordinator
İsmail Hakkı Helvacıoğlu
Course Language
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