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MHN 519E - Strategic Management

Course Objectives

I. a clear understanding of the basic concepts and terminology used in Strategic Management
II. a set of useful analytical skills, tools and techniques for analyzing
• the external environment of an organization
• the resources and capabilities of an organization
III. the ability to identify the strategic problems and stakeholders of an organization
IV. the ability to assess an organization’s current strategy

Course Description

To succeed in the future, organizations must develop the resources and capabilities needed to gain and sustain competitive advantage. The way in which organizations attempt to develop such competitive advantage constitutes the essence of their strategy. The emphasis of this course will be on the strategic analysis, decisions, and actions that organizations take to create sustainable competitive advantages, with the consideration of both the internal condition (i.e., its resources and competitive capabilities) and the external environment (i.e., the industry and competitive environment in which it operates).

Course Coordinator
Sezi Çevik Onar
Course Language
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