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YAP 509E - Management Mathematics

Course Objectives

Business environment is full of risks and uncertainties. Professionals have to make decisions under these circumstances. The main objective of this course is to provide decision makers with the following knowledge areas:
1) the basic principles of statistics,
2) the basic principles of probablity,
3) decision support tools, which enable them to obtain and analyze information when making these decisions in their business environment

Course Description

Statistics: (Average, standard deviation, Varyans), Probability: definition, distribution functions (Poison, Binominal, normal), Stochastic Process: Chain of random variables, Poisson's process, Markov chains, the Theory of games: Matrix games, strategies, 2xm and mx2 games, Decision Theory: Forecasting, regression and decision, optimal decision aand tests, Que theory: Linear programming, Simulation: Models and classification, tests, generate random numbers, Time series: trends and random changes, forecasting and analysis,periods

Course Coordinator
Murat Kuruoğlu
Course Language
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