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KMM 501E - Transport Phenomena I

Course Objectives

The students will learn:
1. how to formulate conservation statements in momentum and heat multiscales from microscopic to macroscopic in both steady and unsteady modes.
2. to determine velocity and pressure profiles in laminar steady and unsteady –state flow systems, steady and unsteady-state temperature in isotropic solids and flow
3. how to solve analytic linear partial differential equations including separation of variables and similarity solutions.
4. how to formulate simultaneous momentum and heat transfer

Course Description

Introduction. Shell Momentum Balance and Velocity Distributions in Laminar Flow. The Equations of Change for Isothermal Systems. Velocity &Temperatures Distributions with More Than One Independent Variables. Interphase Transport in Isothermal Systems. Macroscopic Balances for Isothermal Flow Systems. Shell Energy Balances and Temperature Distributions in Solids and Laminar Flow. The Equations of Change for Nonisothermal Systems. Macroscopic Balances for Nonisothermal Systems.

Course Coordinator
Hüsnü Atakül
Şerife Birgül Ersolmaz
Course Language
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