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FIZ 667E - SpecialTopics in Condensed Matter Physics II

Course Objectives

1- To convey basic methods in Condensed Matter Physics
2- To convey basic concepts and phenomenology in Condensed Matter Physics
3- To bring the student to the level of a beginning researcher in the fields of conventional and unconventional superconductivity, Quantum Hall Effect, Topological insulators and superconductors and quantum device physics
4- To investigate the physics of quantum devices that are based on the topics in the third section above.

Course Description

The aim of this one semester course is to provide a basic understanding of condensed matter physics as well as sufficiently comprehensible details for applications in most current research approaches. The content is not aimed at completeness but is planned to be encouraging and sufficient for additional self-development. The primary goal is to facilitate the understanding of interacting electronic matter, learn about its fundamental effects which will eventually lead to comprehend the physics of quantum coherent phenomena as well as their applications in quantum devices

Course Coordinator
Tahsin Tuğrul Hakioğlu
Tahsin Tuğrul Hakioğlu
Course Language
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