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CKY 545E - Building Technology: From Theory to Practice

Course Objectives

1. To explain the multi-dimensional structure of building technology.
2. To internalize the holistic structure building, building element, building component and detail concepts together with the selection of building materials.
3 To make students internalize the fact that detail design and construction concepts are directly linked with each other.
4 To make students understand that construction methods effect not only the construction process but also the detail design process and so the architectural design process.

Course Description

Examining the building technology concept and all of its components. Examining, building, building element, building component and detail concepts. Examining the detail design process, which is a sub-processes of architectural design process. The relation of detail design and construction, using the problems arise during the construction process as an input to develop the detail. Using construction methods as an input to detail design process and improving the detail accordingly.

Course Coordinator
Gülten Aslıhan Ünlü
Course Language
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