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KOM 613E - Probabilistics Methods in Robo

Course Objectives

In recent years, studies and application on the field of robotics have made substantial progress. In the past, robot manipulators with fixed workspace were located mostly on production lines, assigned to perform pre-defined jobs in the known environment. More recently, the research on robotics has mostly concentrated on mobile platforms with various sensors and actuators and mobile manipulators Within this context, the mobile robots and the mobile manipulators have been appeared in several fields such as domestic and service robotics, space and security robots, human robot interaction, medical robots. Today research studies in those areas have been continued increasingly. However many of these application areas have dynamical nature and involves several level of uncertainties. Uncertainty arises for many reasons, including the natural limitations of a model of the world, the noise and perceptual limitations in sensor measurements of mobile robots and manipulators, and the approximate nature of algorithmic solutions. Methods targeting to solve the problems mentioned, primarily consider the probabilistic representation of information.

Course Description

Description of this course is to introduce uncertainty problems in robotics and the bring solution by employing probabilistic methods in order to increase autonomous abilities of robotic systems. Furthermore, the course classifies the future problems by giving recent trends in algorithmic solutions of robotics in order to address active research areas for postgraduate students.

Course Coordinator
Hakan Temeltaş
Course Language
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