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GID 507 - New Food Product Development

Course Objectives

Objectives are doing food marketing research, composing the consept of product, prototype production, determination of critical control points,determination of shelf-life and commercial value of the product,evaluation of the results of sensory tests

Course Description

Introduction, new product development strategies, consumer trends; New product ideation, assesment of ideas strategically, technically and commercially; Product Concept Development, team formation and project management ; Assessment of new product ideas, panel tests, product attributes and sensory evaluation techniques; Evaluation and documentation of studies on new product concept, determination and desgin of prototype product ; Determination of product specifications, product formulation, ingredients, and functional properties ; Detemination of the prototype product specifications, formulation and process optimization ; experimental design in prototype product, determination of critical control points, production of prototype product, packaging, shelf life and product performance test ; Evaluation of prototype product ; Ingredient specifications, regulatory aspects, labelling ; Production of final product, consumer tests, marketing strategies, shelf life and safety determinations in final product, determination of packaging material type, labelling design, introduction and distrubution of product into the market.

Course Coordinator
Mine Özgüven
Course Language
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