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YAP 609E - Damage Mechanics

Course Objectives

1. To introduce the fundamental principles of damage mechanics
2. To present damage related changes in material properties
3. To introduce damage criteria and related mathematical models
4. To solve for the damage behavior of materials under various effects

Course Description

Principles of demage mechanics and applications. Damage variable. Scales of damage assessment, change in elastic modulus, changes in plasticity viscoplasticity behavior. Elemantary laws of damage mechanics, law of ductile fracture, Kachanov’s law of creep, laws of fatigue. Damage criteria, released elastic energy density criterion, three variables criterion, asymmtric criteria of strain, fatigue boundary criterion. Thermodynamic formulation, 3-dimensional representation, isotropic damage theory, anisotropic damage theory. Specific models, ductile plastic damage, creep damage, fatigue damage, combined fatigue and creep damage.

Course Coordinator
Oğuz Güneş
Course Language
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