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JEO 565E - Geochemical Analysis Methods

Course Objectives

1) to familiarize students with the various modern analytical techniques used in inorganic geochemistry
2) to familiarize student on the determination of the major element, trace element and isotopic composition of rocks and their constituent minerals
3) to give students the interpretation capability of geochemical data when propagated in petrogenetic, low temperature geochemistry, aquatic geochemistry or biogeochemistry models

Course Description

Course Description Sampling methods in the field and sample preparing methods in the laboratory. Determination of correct elemental analysis methods for different type of geologic samples such as soil, sediment, rock, and water. Classification and function of modern analytical methods in geochemistry such as SEM-EDX, Microprobe, XRD, XRF, IC, HPLC, AAS, ICP-OES ICP-MS -elemental, ICP-MS multi-collector, Laser Ablation, Total C and S analyzer.

Course Coordinator
Emin Çiftçi
Course Language
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