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MBG 641E - Curre.Top.in Ste.Cell&Dev.Bio.

Course Objectives

This course aims to enable students
1. To understand basic concepts of self-renewal and differentiation in stem cell biology
2. To understand the role of epigenetic regulation in development
3. To study lineage determination, pattern formation and morphogenesis in model organisms
4. To develop critical, independent thinking skills and proficiency in oral and written communication
5. To practice identifying important research problems, design feasible experiments, and evaluate the work of colleagues.

Course Description

The fundamental concepts in stem cell and developmental biology; molecular bases of pluripotency; stem cell niche and regulation of stem cell biology; mechanisms of stem cell renewal; cell fate specification and differentiation; origin and action of stem cells during organogenesis; tissue regeneration and adult stem cells; embryonic patterning and morphogenesis.

Course Coordinator
Aslı Kumbasar
Course Language
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