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END 513 - Advanced Statistical Analysis

Course Objectives

The students will
1-Learn to model complex multivariate problems
2-Learn the statistical techniques used for analyzing uni- and multivariate data in detail
3-Learn to interpret the results and test the validity of multivariate data analyses
4-Learn to perform multivariate statistical analyses with software packages
5-Get an overview of the applications of advanced statistical techniques in different fields of industrial engineering

Course Description

This course involves advanced statistical techniques used for analyzing and interpreting data in different fields of industrial engineering: Basic Concepts, Sampling Plans and Procedures, Measurement, Overview of the Techniques, Linear Regression Analysis, Multiple Linear Regression Analysis, Dummy Variable and Nonlinear Regression Analysis, Moderator & Mediator Variables, Resampling, Maximum Likelihood and the EM Algorithm, Time Series Analysis, Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design, Multivariate Analysis of Variance, Principle Component Analysis, Hierarchical Clustering Methods, Nonhierarchical Clustering Methods and Self-Organizing Maps.

Course Coordinator
Umut Asan
Course Language
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