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ZMG 607E - Foundation Dynamics

Course Objectives

1) Learning vibration theory, wave propagation and dynamic loads
2) Understanding the behavior of foundations under dynamic loading and to be capable of designing foundations accordingly under dynamic loads
3) Estimating the seismic bearing capacity of soils
4) Learning soil-structure interaction and designing shallow and deep foundations accordingly

Course Description

Dynamic loads, vibration theory and control of vibration, tolerable vibrations, wave propagation and vibration attenuation, dynamics of foundations for single degree of freedom systems and multi-degree of freedom systems, free vibration of a mass-spring-dashpot system, forced vibration of a mass- spring-dashpot system, analysis of foundations under dynamic loading, seismic bearing capacity, soil-structure interaction, dynamic behavior of piles.

Course Coordinator
Esra Ece Bayat
Course Language
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