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DTM 518E - Dynamics of Ocean Waves

Course Objectives

1. To teach students basic concepts of water wave mechanics,
2. To improve the students’ ability to solve and interpret water wave mechanics problems.
3. to provide the students with a basic and applied knowledge of water wave mechanics as required in the design of ocean structures, marine vehicles and harbours; in the protection of shores; and for the prediction of sea states.

Course Description

Formulation of a Surface Wave. Standing Waves. Progressive Waves. Waves Due to Pulsating Source Near the Free Surface. Waves Generated by a Singularity of Constant Strength in Uniform Translation. Wave Motions due to Pressure Distribution on the Free Surface. Waves Due to a Segmental Pressure Distribution on the Free Surface of Deep Water. Waves Due to 3-D Sources.

Course Coordinator
Şafak Nur Ertürk Bozkurtoğlu
Course Language
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