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PET 502E - Geotermal Reservoir Engineer.

Course Objectives

To discuss the current state of geothermal energy in Turkey and in the world,
2. To teach the fundamentals of geothermal reservoir engineering,
3. To introduce the classification of reservoirs and the energy production methods,
4. To discuss the static and dynamic wellbore pressure and temperature profiles and the ways to model,
5. To teach the reinjection and its modeling,
6. To discuss the reservoir modeling approaches,
7. To study the renewability and sustainability aspects of geothermal fields.

Course Description

Geothermal energy in Turkey and in the world. Introduction to geothermal reservoir engineering. Thermodynamics and phase behavior. Classification of reservoirs based on the types of fluid contents and phase properties. Estimation of recoverable energy from reservoirs. Calculating wellbore temperatures, pressures and enthalpies in production and injection wells. Reinjection. Modeling the field production performance. Renewability and sustainability for geothermal fields.

Course Coordinator
Abdurrahman Satman
Emine Didem Korkmaz Başel
Course Language
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