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CBM 557E - Microalgae Applications with Biorefinery Approach

Course Objectives

1. General information about microalgae microbiology.
2. Provision of the necessary information about the proper conditions of microalgae production
3. Examining the application of microalgal biotechnology
4. Improvement of basic laboratory skills related to microalgae production.
5. Demonstration of large scale work of microalgae globally.

Course Description

General overview about microalgae and macroalgae and comparison; definition, classification, occurrence and distribution of microalgae; information about cell structure, nutrition, reproduction and growth of microalgae; evaluation of algal culturing and parameters; photobioreactor design and applications for efficient mass production of microalgae; knowledge about harmful algae and their toxins; discussion of algal energy ways and comparison of other biomass sources; evaluation of algal applications: human and animal nutrition; biofuel production (biodiesel, biohydrogen, bioethanol, biogas), water and wastewater treatment, innovative microalgae pigments and other high value compounds, microalgal nutraceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, respectively; genetic engineering aspect on production of high value-added ingredients from microalgae; large scale applications of microalgae.

Course Coordinator
Mahmut Altınbaş
Gamze Ceylan Perver
Course Language
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