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EUT 621E - Trend Research&Forecas.in Des.

Course Objectives

1. Critically analyze, synthesize and reflect on adoption and diffusion theories and processes of trends.
2. Examine the socio-cultural, psychological, political, economic and technological indicators that contribute to the development of trends.
3. Implement research methodologies and methods of cultural brailing, cross-cultural analysis and ethnographic research to identify and predict future trends.
4. Professionally communicate trend forecasts visually and verbally

Course Description

Knowledge of short term and long term trends, micro and macro trends. In-depth understanding of theories for adoption and diffusion of trends. Knowledge of methods and methodologies for identifying socio-cultural indicators such as economic, political, technological and psychological environments in trend forecasting. Identification of future trends using cultural brailling, cross-cultural analysis methods and ethnographic research.

Course Coordinator
Gözde Göncü Berk
Course Language
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