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EUT 513 - Form Searching Methods in Industrial Product Design

Course Objectives

1. Teaching of rules which the students can make use of in developing solutions in their projects,
2. Explanation of how the methods will be used and where they could be more effective and useful,
3. Teaching of group and individual methods and their effectiveness on an occasional basis and with a hands-on approach,
4. Developing the skill to use auxiliary methods in complicated problems,
5. Encouraging students to develop their own methods.

Course Description

The notion of form in Industrial Product Design; types of seeking form + group methods; brainstorming method and its types; application of classical brainstorming in the class; brain writing methods; synectics, games such as questioning by cards, urging alertness; bionic; systematic form seeking; a trial of systematic form seeking; auxiliary methods in conceiving ideas; some personal methods; form-development trials; students’ developing personal methods.

Course Coordinator
Deniz Leblebici Başar
Course Language
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