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KMM 515 - Process design in solid-liquid phase equilibria

Course Objectives

1. To provide information on multicomponenet solid-liquid equilibria
2. To train student to make classification and analyze polytherms of solid-liquid phase equilibria from the point of production of pure components
3. To provide information on design of ideal possible production methods using polytherms of solid-liquid phase equilibria and select of economical process
4. To improve students ability to engage in life-long lerning

Course Description

Thermodynamic basis of phase equilibrium and its uses in N component systems. Applied processes in single component system. Classification of 2 component systems according to their solubility behavior and classification of possible processes. Classification of 3 component systems from the point of process design, development of possible processes, selection and design of ideal economic process and approach to real process conditions. Phase equilibria in non-reactive and reciprocal 4 component systems and design of possible production processes and selection of the most economical process. Experimental determination of phase diagrams. Principles and recent advances in the prediction of phase equilibria.

Course Coordinator
Ahmet Nusret Bulutcu
Course Language
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