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SBP 631E - Science,Tech.&Inn.Polic.&Deve.

Course Objectives

1. To contribute to training of policy experts on science, technology and innovations and urban-regional economic development.
2. To provide a theoretical framework on the relationship between economic development and science, technology and innovations, particularly by focusing on evolutionary economic geography, innovation geography, economic growth and endogenous growth theories.
3. To provide information and training opportunities for advancing in design of research on science, technology and innovation policies.
4. To provide an evaluation of important international organizations’ and advanced countries’ science, technology and innovation policies, such as the OECD and the EU.
5. To provide a thorough analysis of Turkey’s national and regional science, technology and innovation history.

Course Description

Principal theoretical approaches and a historical perspective on science, technology and innovations and their impact on urban and regional development are provided and discussed, from a multi-disciplinary approach, making use of economic geography, economics and innovation geography. STI policies in advanced countries and Turkey are evaluated. Information on research paradigms and methods associated with Macro and Urban/regional level STI policy are provided.

Course Coordinator
Mete Başar Baypınar
Course Language
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