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YAP 503E - Composite Materials

Course Objectives

1-Introducing of composite concept.
2-Gaining general knowledge about the component materials used in composites.
3-The basic relations about the mechanical properties of composite materials.

Course Description

History and types of composite materials. Composition-property relations. Particle-reinforced composites. Brittle fiber-ductile matrix composites. Properties of matrix and fiber materials, Weibull analysis. Stiffness and strength relations for FRC with continuous fibers. FRC under discontinuous fibers. Effect of fiber orientation on mechanical properties. FRC under compressive stresses. Mix optimization. Ductile fiber-brittle matrix composites. Stress-strain relations for laminated composites, orthotropic composites, experimental determination of stiffness and strength. Biaxial strength theories. Classical lamination theory.

Course Coordinator
Mustafa Hulusi Özkul
Course Language
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