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HGP 504 - Retail Buying in Fashion and Apparel

Course Objectives

This course provides a general view of buying in fashion and apparel retail industry. Course objectives are as follows:
1. To provide a general view about the important concepts in evaluation of market specialists, resident buying offices and buyer in fashion and apparel retail industry
2. To provide knowledge about the assessment of product requirements, development of buying plan and private label programs in fashion and apparel retail industry
3. To introduce principles of buying from wholesalers, foreign markets, internet and domestic market for fashion and apparel retail industry
4. To develop an understanding about buying negotiations and responsibilities of buyers

Course Description

Buying in fashion and apparel retail industry. Market specialists, resident buying offices: Their effects and assessment. Evaluation of product requirements in fashion and apparel retail industry, development of buying plan. Buying from domestic market, wholesale market, foreigm markets and nuying on internet. Negotiations in buying and responsibilities of buyers in buying and planning of advertising activities. Development of private label programs.

Course Coordinator
Emel Önder Karaoğlu
Course Language
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