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Course Weekly Lecture Plan

Week Topic
1 Programming languages, structure, fundamental differences, usage for applications
Introduction to basic of programming (interpreters, compilers, scripting languages)
Basic input/output devices (functions and usage)
Data types (definitions, usage, size), directories
Operators and functions
Operators and functions (continue)
Conditions and loops
Files, File Operations (open, close, read, write, append)
Using programming languages for basic mathematical calculations such as quadratic equations, finding roots, LCM, GCD
Introduction to basic algorithms (Array, Matrix, Input, Output, Load, Save, Transpose, Addition)
Algorithm applications using software libraries (Sorting, Binary tree structures, Shortest path ...etc.)
Software libraries for matrix calculation (Multiply, transpose, determinant)
Software libraries for GPS calculation (SPP,PPP, base… etc.)
Software libraries for professional applications ( resection, traverse calculation, electrometric tacheometry, levelling, angle calculations, introductory level drawing (point, line, area)
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