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MBL 616E - Computer Vision Applications in Architectural Design

Course Objectives

1. To teach fundamental principles of computer vision,
2. To teach basic computer vision algorithms and program development,
3. To teach how to use computer vision in solving particularly architectural design problems.

Course Description

Analysis of computer vision algorithms particularly for architectural design applications. An introduction to the theory and practice of computer vision, i.e. the analysis of the patterns in visual images with the view to understanding the objects and processes in the world that generate them. Major topics include optics, image representation, feature extraction, image processing, object recognition, feature selection, probabilistic inference, perceptual analysis and organization, segmentation, feature-based alignment, 3D depth data processing. The emphasis is on the learning of concepts and algorithms and the translation of them to Matlab programs to solve vision problems particularly for architectural design applications.

Course Coordinator
Hülya Yalçın
Course Language
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